The ultimate fire survival MI wiring cable system for versatility and fire survival performance

nVent's Mineral Insulated Technology is used where high power output, high exposure temperatures, or extreme resistance to environmental corrosives are needed. Pyrotenax MI heating cables can provide up to 269 watts per metre of power output with area classification and design approvals. Pyrotenax Wiring cables can operate continuously at 250°C and withstand the UL2196 fire test with ease.

Pyro MI provides the ideal solution to many difficult and demanding wiring installation. Making a permanent and dependable wiring cable system for all low and medium voltage applications. Safe in hazardous installations and radioactive environments. Exceeds all world wide fire performance standards. The Pyrotenax MI Cable System is the natural choice for domestic, commercial and industrial applications.

Pyro MI Cable Systems were installed when the fire broke out in the Channel Tunnel in November 1996. Resisting extreme temperatures that destroyed concrete and welded rails, the Pyro MI Wiring Cable allowed emergency lighting to operate for the safe evacuation of passengers; proving its superior fire survival capability.

Pyrotenax MI Wiring Cables are manufactured, tested and LPCB approved to BS EN 60702-1. Pyrotenax MI Wiring Cables are LPCB approved to BS 8434-2, BS 5839-1 Clause 26.2 (Enhanced) and BS EN 50200 Class PH 120. Quality Systems Certificate Number 063. Assessed to ISO 9001.